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"Recognition doesn’t bring money. Does it matter? Not really, and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t care at all; money is not gonna stop you from enjoying music, or me from making it. Although it doesn’t make it easy for me to rent a flat… This week, every landlord I spoke to on the phone said they didn’t want to rent their property to artists. I found myself arguing for nothing: “It’s not because we do what we like that we can’t pay our rent!” That was my reality after two years traveling the world, meeting the most amazing people — people I’ve admired for years. I wanted to tell these goddamn landlords who they were dealing with."

- My Year in Savages by Jehnny Beth (via thecultureofme)

(via thecultureofme)



Kendrick Lamar - 2U (C. Justice Remix)

WATCH THE VIDEO COLLABORATION WITH VISUAL VIBEZ: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6f0la6Exy8

An old sound I decided to upload. Used some live instrumentation here. Not the cleanest recording but it’s aight.

I’m so stoked about all the love this is getting. Never thought it’d get over 500 plays, let alone 10000. Thank you to everyone supporting this tune and my other music.

I’ll be putting this track, along with a few others on an upcoming EP later this year. Be on the look out.

Free download on bandcamp link below!

Sample credits - Marques Houston - Naked

I’ve always been a fan of the track Spanish Joint by D’Angelo but I felt like the original is fairly mellow and couldn’t find a way to fit it or any D’Angelo for that matter, into my DJ sets. So i remixed this acoustic Spanish Joint with a more vibey dance feel so I can play out. Added new synths, keys, drums, bass, and sound efx.

Thx for listening yall. More remixes coming, follow me on the cloud.

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Song Lyrics: www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/dangelo/spanishjoint.html

PARTY: I Deejay 2nd thursdays in downtown Los Angeles Area at a free party called #UptempoLA at Tokyo Beat.

Our second EP of the year is ‘Aberdeen’, a smooth one by Mincha & Ghost Town. Backed up by energetic remixes from Howie Lee and DeHousy, this release will take you on a journey around the world, blending american, european, and asian influences in a uniquely fluid way.

You can now download it for FREE and get your 4/20 recovery on the way.

1. Mincha & Ghost Town - Aberdeen
2. Mincha & Ghost Town - Hoodies Nighters
3. Mincha & Ghost Town - Aberdeen (Howie Lee Remix)
4. Mincha & Ghost Town - Aberdeen (DeHousy Remix)

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By the way, we uploaded the 2YO edition of @cuft’s 420 MIX yesterday, in which you can hear their upcoming ‘Wineslow’ EP with remixes by @krimslo, @shake-it-maschine & @mr-pigman.
Stream/Download: http://bit.ly/4204YO

Keep it RAW.
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(ft. J Bird)

old things I found in my HDD from last year. just thought I’d share.


Everybody loves the sunshine (and free stuff). My version of Roy Ayers’ tune is included on First Word Records’ new compilation alongside lots of good music from good people. Free download!

Get it here : http://shop.firstwordrecords.com/album/two-syllables-volume-ten

Bas van Lier on Hammond
SG on Rhodes, Bass and samples.

Original song by Roy Ayers.

Everything is better when you’re…



Ellen Degeneres Gives Pharrell a Brand New Hat